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“These facts usually sober the Latter-day Saint crowd up in regard to his shtick. When all this ‘other stuff’ starts coming up Mormons of all flavors tend to drop Dr. Ridenhour like a hot potato and then get some distance.”
— Fred W. Anson

“Evidence that mainstream Charismatics Christians are seeking closer ecumenical ties with Charismatic Mormons isn’t just exaggerated, it’s non-existent.”
— Fred W. Anson

“”MacArthur doesn’t rebuke charismatics as a person would rebuke a member of one’s own family. The book reads like hostile fire shot by an outsider. The tone, as will be seen by the numerous pejorative adjectives that MacArthur uses to describe charismatics, is anything but familial or irenic. It is one thing to have your child spanked by your spouse. It is quite another thing to have your child spanked by a stranger. Charismatics understandably react to being spanked by someone who intentionally positions himself as a stranger and not as a “dear friend, fellow worker… and [brother]” (Philem. 1:1).”
— Rich Nathan

“By embracing false scripture from a False Prophet – and even worse, encouraging others to do the same – these men have become false teachers themselves.”
— Fred W. Anson

An ongoing series of articles on some common and recurring weak arguments that Christians make against Mormonism. by Fred W. Anson The Argument: “The Book of Mormon doesn’t have a trace of orthodox, mainstream Biblical Christianity in it.” Why It’s Weak: As previous articles in this series have pointed out, this argument is weak because […]