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a hymn by A.B. Simpson

Once it was the blessing; Now it is the Lord;

Once it was the feeling; Now it is His Word;

Once His gift I wanted; Now the Giver own;

Once I sought for healing; Now Himself alone.

All in all forever; Only Christ I’ll sing;

Everything is in Christ; And Christ is everything.

Once ‘twas painful trying; Now ‘tis perfect trust;

Once a half salvation; Now the uttermost;

Once ‘twas ceaseless holding; Now He holds me fast;

Once ‘twas constant drifting; Now my anchor’s cast.

Once ‘twas busy planning; Now ‘tis trustful prayer;

Once ‘twas anxious caring; Now He has the care;

Once ‘twas what I wanted; Now what Jesus says;

Once ‘twas constant asking; Now ‘tis ceaseless praise.

Once it was my working; His it hence shall be;

Once I tried to use Him; Now He uses me;

Once the pow’r I wanted; Now the Mighty One;

Once for self I labored; Now for Him alone.

Once I hoped in Jesus; Now I know He’s mine;

Once my lamps were dying; Now they brightly shine;

Once for death I waited; Now His coming hail;

And my hopes are anchored; Safe within the veil.

Three in One,
One in Three,
God of my salvation,

Heavenly Father,
blessed Son,
eternal Spirit
I adore thee as one Being,
one Essence,
one God in three distinct Persons,
for bringing sinners to thy knowledge and to thy kingdom.

O Father,
thou hast loved me and sent Jesus to redeem me;

O Jesus,
thou hast loved me and assumed my nature,
shed thine own blood to wash away my sins,
wrought righteousness to cover my unworthiness;

O Holy Spirit,
thou hast loved me and entered my heart,
implanted there eternal life,
revealed to me the glories of Jesus.

Three Persons and one God,
I bless and praise thee,
for love so unmerited, so unspeakable,
so wondrous, so mighty to save the lost
and raise them to glory.

O Father,
I thank thee that in fullness of grace
thou hast given me to Jesus, to be his sheep, jewel, portion;

O Jesus,
I thank thee that in fullness of grace
thou hast accepted, espoused, bound me;

O Holy Spirit,
I thank thee that in fullness of grace thou hast
exhibited Jesus as my salvation,
implanted faith within me,
subdued my stubborn heart,
made me one with him for ever.

O Father,
thou art enthroned to hear my prayers,

O Jesus,
thy hand is outstretched to take my petitions,

O Holy Spirit,
thou art willing to help my infirmities, to show me my need,
to supply words, to pray within me,
to strengthen me that I faint not in supplication.

O Triune God,
who commandeth the universe,
thou hast commanded me to ask for those
things that concern thy kingdom and my soul.

Let me live and pray as one baptized into the threefold Name.

Adapted from “The Valley of Vision” devotional