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As Christians all over the world gather this Christmas to celebrate the first advent, like God’s covenant people of that great day, we long for the promised arrival our Great Love . . .

We cry out to You . . .

Deep within
There’s a fire
That can’t be quenched
And there’s a love for You
That’s as strong as death

Hear us Lord
Hear the longing of our hearts
We want to be where You are
And not apart

We feel You near
Oh, Your presence all around us
Oh Lord, we want to see Your face
Come Take us away

The Spirit and the Bride
Cry out to You
Lord, we cry out to You
Come quickly

We long for the day
When we will see Your face
We long to be with You
Come quickly

Breathe on us until You come
Breathe on us until You come

Words and Music by Tom Dickson
Copyright © 1997 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing. All rights reserved. International copyright secured.

(The Lindell Cooley cover of this song recorded during the Brownsville Revival)