Grant Palmer Reveals Stunning LdS Church Insider Information

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Mormon Studies

Christopher Ralph posted the following on his “JourneyOfLoyalDissent” blog on late Saturday, April 6th and it has quickly gone viral.  And for good reason – if true, this is stunning, possibly even paradigm shifting information.  

As of this writing it has been validated from several reliable sources that Grant Palmer has acknowledged the authenticity of the memo – he was indeed the author, that much is known.  As for validation of the comments and claims of the two Mormon leaders (one a General Authority, the other a returned Mission President) we wait.  

At the risk of spreading Critic Promoting Rumors I repost it here for your thoughtful consideration and nothing more. 
— Fred W. Anson

 Three Meetings with an LDS General Authority, 2012/2013 by Grant H. Palmer

  1. ron montague says:

    I am sorry to see that the LDS was built on a lie. To propagate a lie because the LDS is needed is the height of folly and a stain on true religion. The LDS should no longer call itself a church at all but a con game.


  2. fredwanson says:

    UPDATE: Grant Palmer has verified that he’s the author of the memo by posting it under his name on his page at

    Here’s the link:

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  3. Greg Rattey says:

    I’ve just brought the book by Grant Palmer.
    Is he still a LDS member?

    Human rights campaigner.


  4. Seraphim says:

    While I am a former Mormon I am skeptical of the veracity of this piece. Perhaps I am too optimistic, but I have a really hard time believing that there are a bunch of GAs in the LDS faith that fake it. My gut tells me that there would have to be someone who would have the integrity, not to mention fear for their soul, to come out and admit they don’t believe. This piece just has the feel of one of those spam e-mails that is debunked by Snopes a week later.


  5. Christopher says:

    I question this because no member of the First Quorum of the 70 fits the description of the GA in this story. The 70 in this story (1) is a current member of the First Quorum, (2) described his one on one interaction with the 12 back when there was only one Quorum, and (3) met at least three times with Grant Palmer in 2012 and 2013. The problem is, there is only one current member of the First Quorum who was a GA when there was just one quorum of 70. The Second Quorum was created in 1989. The third, fourth and fifth quorums were created in 1995. Elder Carlos Amado was called to be a GA in 1989. No other current 70 was called until 1995, when there were five quorums. So, could the GA in the story be Elder Amado? No. Because he is serving in the area presidency in Central America and could not have met three times with Mr. Palmer. This story is based on the alleged statements of a GA who does not appear to exist.


    • I am sure that the GAs in the first and second quorums of the seventy meet at church head quarters quite regularly for training and coordination.


      • and just because Amado serves and has a home in Guatemala, does not mean he has no secondary residence to SLC. Maybe he has an apartment in the City Creek Center. Many of those are secondary residences for high ranking LDS.


  6. fredwanson says:

    UPDATE: Salt Lake City Attorney Ed Harris posted this in the closed Mormon Stories Facebook Group today. The content is interesting so I offer it for your consideration. Please take it for what it’s worth – yet more second hand hearsay.

    I spoke with Grant this morning. Among other items we discussed:

    1. The Mormanity blog response to Grant’s info
    2. The reliability of the GA’s information
    3. New information soon to be published regarding Joseph Smith

    As to the Mormanity blog, Grant provided me with a response that soundly refuted or made irrelevant the blog’s claims. Unfortunately, Grant asked me not to share the details of this information because he wants to protect the privacy of the GA and Mission President. Suffice it to say, based on Grant’s personal response to me I am convinced of the truthfulness of Grant’s encounter with the GA and mission president as to the key facts disclosed. I recognize that this response has limited usefulness in verifying a story for public consumption and I am somewhat frustrated as many of you are.

    As to the reliability of the GA information regarding the $1 million dollar signing bonuses, Grant really took his time in weighing whether to release this info, knowing the seriousness of making this allegation. On multiple occasions he asked the GA regarding the accuracy of the source and the GA adamantly responded with “It’s a good source.”

    Grant did mention that he is critical of the GA’s statement that none of the top 15 believe that the church is true. A more accurate response would be that the top 15 come to know that the church is not what the average rank and file member thinks it is within a few years of being called to the Q12. Of course they figure out that Jesus does not meet with them during their Thursday temple meeting or that Jesus does not make an occasional appearance to President Monson in the Holy of Holies (or other overtly supernatural encounters), and that there is internal conflict in the quorum (sometimes irreconcilable), some or all of which may be at odds with what the average member believes. My thought and Grant’s thought on the matter is that each member of the top 15 has varying levels of belief based upon his own personal knowledge of church history and intuition, but that this shift in understanding from rank and file TBM status to a more nuanced belief or no belief, as the case may be, occurs within a few years after being called to the Q12 as reported by the GA. The GA reiterated to Grant the dominance of the senior half of the Q12 over the junior members including specific ways that they assert themselves over the junior members.

    Last, Grant spoke of the upcoming book to be released next year by historian Joseph Johnston (sp?) discussing strong evidence of Joseph Smith running counterfeiting operations out of his residence as well as other previously unreleased info on Joseph Smith and the Nauvoo period.

    I echo Grant’s sentiment that only the truth is good enough for the Mormon people considering the sacrifices that the rank and file make for the church. That said, I believe that sorting these matters out should be done in a responsible manner. Hopefully Grant’s disclosures will lead to other church officials coming forward sooner or later.


  7. I was born a member and just resigned as a member from the church 47 years later. I asked God a question and he answered and then I knew the church was all a lie built around Jesus. They use Jesus to deceive and lead people astray from worshiping him in truth and spirit. Since I have been set free, I have found many hidden truths that I never knew when I was LDS. They have inhibited my free agency by being able to choice based on sound truth, for I believed their every word and now their every word is nothing but the work of the devil. They sell their own souls to the devil and all for what, a pay check? What a disgrace. I have nothing against paid clergy, but they lied and said there was no paid clergy. How naive I was and every member that still believes in this lie. Satan is the father of lies. The Bible is clear that liars will be cast down into everlasting hell fire. There is no place in heaven for those that lie, for those that use Jesus to spread a different gospel, and for those that deceive. “He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house; he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight” (Psalms 101:7).


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