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In April 2013, the leaders at the Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR) put together an offiical statement regarding Fuller Seminary President Richard Mouw. The statement is located here and printed below. STATEMENT ON RICHARD MOUW AND EVANGELICAL COUNTERCULT MINISTRIES Evangelical Ministries to New Religions, April 12, 2013 Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR) was […]

by Fred W. Anson Introduction Eight years ago today on November 14, 2004 for the first time in 105 years, non-Latter-day Saint “gentiles” stood at the pulpit of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah. The focus of the event was to be an address by Christian Apologist and Philosopher Ravi Zacharias entitled, “The […]

“There is simply no basis for thinking that Mormonism is ‘approaching orthodoxy.’”
— Rob Bowman

“By embracing false scripture from a False Prophet – and even worse, encouraging others to do the same – these men have become false teachers themselves.”
— Fred W. Anson

“If you want to pander to the Mormon apologists not ready for real dialogue, the cost is going to be a willingness to slander the Christian brethren that went before you.”
— Ron Huggins

“What I hope to see is revival in “Zion” due to an occupying army of Christians who speak the native tongue and love Mormons enough to move with comfort and ease within their culture while still keeping their bearings in Christ.”
— Fred W. Anson

by Mike Thomas (as previously published on “The Mormon Chapbook”)  Richard Mouw, offered this apology at the Salt Lake Tabernacle in Nov. 2004 just before Ravi Zacharias stood and gave an inspired and inspiring sermon on the gospel: “I am now convinced that we evangelicals have often seriously misrepresented the beliefs and practices of the […]

“Evidence that mainstream Charismatics Christians are seeking closer ecumenical ties with Charismatic Mormons isn’t just exaggerated, it’s non-existent.”
— Fred W. Anson

Introduction: On June 12, 2015 Dr. Roger E. Olson, a professor of Theology at Baylor University and award winning Christian author, published a lengthy article on Mormonism based on his recent experiences and encounters with Mormon scholars at Brigham Young University. While such an article isn’t uncommon, Dr. Olson’s piece was unique in his stunningly abrasive, condescending, dismissive, […]

““…I see some good things in the LdS Church and I see even more in Mormon Culture. There’s also much – particularly in the former – that, in my opinion, is really, really bad and needs to change. Never-the-less I’m just crazy enough to believe that there must be a way to keep the good and jettison the bad…”
— Fred W. Anson