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Posted: December 29, 2011 in Beggar's Bread

Beggar’s Bread is a rag tag collection of articles by Fred W. Anson and his friends on a potpourri of subjects that interest us, that we’re passionate about, about which we can maintain the highest levels of scholarship we’re capable of, and most importantly, can write about in a way that brings glory to God and gives Him pleasure.

We realize that there are no self-made men – if we’ve achieved anything in life it’s because we stand on the shoulders of giants – and life itself is gift. If you find us flawed we won’t disagree and only hope you can forgive us for we too are sinners saved by grace and doing the best we can as we stumble through this passage.

In the end we agree with Martin Luther’s last written words, “We are all beggars: This is true.” as well as 20th century Methodist minister and missionary D.T. Niles who, expanding on Luther, said:
“A Christian witness is not like a rich man who has a lot of bread which he hands out to the poor beggars who have nothing. He is rather like one beggar who tells another beggar where he has found bread.”

"Christ of the Bread Line" by Fritz Eichenberg
The Christ of the Bread Line
by Fritz Eichenberg

When I am hungry, send me someone to feed;
When I am thirsty, send me someone who needs a drink;
When I am cold, send me someone to warm;
When I am sad, send me someone to cheer;
When I need understanding, send me someone who needs mine;
When I need to be looked after, send me someone to care for;
When I think only of myself, draw my thoughts to another.
So let us pray as though everything depends on God,
and work as though God depends on us for everything.

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